End Hunger Once And For All.

Imagine a Massachusetts where no family goes hungry, where every child has access to nourishing food, and where hunger is a thing of the past. This vision is within our reach, and Massachusetts is poised to lead the nation in eradicating hunger. Let’s create a better future for the Commonwealth and make hunger history.

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Our administration is proud to lend its support to the Make Hunger History Coalition in their efforts to eradicate hunger in Massachusetts. Too many families and children are suffering from food insecurity, and it's going to take all of us working together to close those gaps."

Governor Maura Healey


Lasting change will take all of us.

Make Hunger History is an ambitious statewide initiative to end hunger in the Commonwealth. We're crafting a comprehensive plan to eradicate hunger for good and mobilizing a powerful movement to drive change.

Join us in this historic mission to make hunger history.

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The background of this image is a neon green square with a purple map of Massachusetts. Over the map, the text reads, "End Hunger Once and For All. Massachusetts, let's be the first."

Our Vision

What are we trying to achieve?

Our goal is to end hunger for all 6.9 million Massachusetts residents. Our aim is not just to provide short-term relief but to fundamentally transform the landscape, eradicating hunger through policy change, community engagement, and collective action. 

We envision a future where every resident has equitable access to nutritious food, laying the foundation for a healthier, more prosperous Commonwealth.

A coordinated effort

How will we do it?

We're mobilizing a first-of-its-kind coalition, including advocates, policymakers, businesses, service providers, and individuals with lived experiences of hunger. 

Together, we'll craft innovative policies, challenge stigmas, and build a grassroots movement to change the system that leaves too many without the resources they need to feed themselves and their families. 

By uniting our voices and resources, we will create and implement the roadmap to end hunger and make history in Massachusetts.

Father with children

In the face of daunting issues, leaders must come together to do what’s right. When we work together to achieve a goal greater than all of us, we can accomplish it, and that includes eradicating hunger."

Addario Miranda, Youth Advocate

Read the Joint Statement from the Steering Committee

Read the Joint Statement from the Steering Committee

When hunger is history, food will be accessible and equitable for everyone – and this goal is well within reach for us in the Commonwealth. We have the collective will and political strength as a state to achieve this mission. By listening to those who have experience with hunger and building a coalition of diverse stakeholders, we are poised to develop and execute an actionable plan that will change millions of lives across the state."


Access the Make Hunger History Coalition One-Pager

Access the Make Hunger History Coalition One-Pager

Ending hunger is both a moral and economic imperative. We can end hunger if we can galvanize the will of society and the power of public-private partnerships to carry it out. A Massachusetts plan to end hunger is the road map to achieve it."

Andrew Morehouse, Executive Director of Food Bank of Western MA

Make Hunger History Coalition

Steering Committee


Congressman McGovern, Honorary Chair

Josh Trautwein, About Fresh

Dr. Stephanie Ettinger de Cuba, Children’s HealthWatch

David Waters, Community Servings

Andrew Morehouse, Food Bank of Western Massachusetts

Jacquelynne Bowman, Greater Boston Legal Services


Sarah Sabshon, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Cabinet Affairs, Healey Administration

Gladys Vega, La Colaborativa

Commissioner Ashley Randle, MA Department of Agricultural Resources

Kristina Pechulis, Massachusetts Food Systems Collaborative


Georgia Katsoulomitis, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute

Representative Hannah Kane, MA State Legislature

Representative Andy Vargas, MA State Legislature

Senator Sal DiDomenico, MA State Legislature

Senator Jo Comerford, MA State Legislature



Rebecca Wood, Parent Advocate

Erin McAleer, Project Bread

Catherine D’Amato, The Greater Boston Food Bank

Jean McMurray, Worcester County Food Bank

Addario Miranda, Youth Advocate

Organizations (In Development)

Acton-Boxborough United Way

All Saints Parish Brookline

Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs

American Red Cross Boston Food Pantry

Amherst Survival Center

Arlington EATS

Billerica School Nutrition

BMBCC, Boston Missionary Baptist Community Center, Inc

Building Audacity

Cambridge Community Relations Liaison, Food for Free

Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee (CEOC)

Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation

Central MA Tobacco Free Community Partnership

Centre Street Food Pantry

ChildLife Mozambique

Children’s HealthWatch

Citizens Inn

Community Care Cooperative 

Community Harvest Project

Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA)

Community Servings

Daily Table

Dwelling House Of Hope

East Boston Social Centers, Inc

ECO Policy Advisors

El Buen Samaritano Food Program Inc 

End Hunger New England/Outreach, Inc.

Everett Community Growers

First Congregational Church of Revere Food Pantry

Food Bank of Western MA

Food Bank of Western Massachusetts

Food Link


Fresh Truck

Fruit Fair

Ginny's Helping Hand, Inc.

Grow Food Northampton

Growing Places

Harbor Health Services, Inc.

HarvestHope Foundation

Health Leads

Inclusive Eats, Inc.

Interfaith Social Services

Island Grown Initaitive

John F. Kennedy Family Service Center

Just Roots

La Colaborativa

La Mega Latino radio stations

Legacy Response

MA Dept. of Agricultural Resources

MA Food System Collaborative

Mass General Brigham

Mass Home Care

Massachusetts Association for Community Action (MASSCAP)

Massachusetts Farm to School

Merrimack Valley Food Bank

Metropolitan Area Planning Council

MetroWest Food Collaborative

Mill City Grows


Morrissey Market

NAMI Massachusetts


Newton Food Pantry

Patricia Leary Consulting

Pernet Family Health Service

Point32Health Foundation

Project 351

Reflection Films

Regional Environmental Council of Central MA (REC)

Senior Whole Health by Molina Healthcare

Social Advance

South Boston En Accion

South Shore Community Action Council


St. Anthony's Food Pantry

St. Bonaventure Food Pantry

Stock Pot Malden

Sustainable CAPE

Temple Sinai of Sharon

The Boston Foundation

The Food Drive

The Greater Boston Food Bank

The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts

The Marion Institute, Inc.

The Open Door

The Outreach Program

The Salem Pantry

Three Squares New England

UMassFive College Federal Credit Union

United For Kids Foundation Ambassadors Club

United Way of Central Massachusetts

United Way of Tri-County 

United Way Pioneer Valley

Wales Community Pantry

Worcester County Food Bank

Worcester Public Schools Food & Nutrition Department 

YMCA of Greater Boston

YWCA Cambridge

Join the Movement to End Hunger

Let’s make history, together.

The Make Hunger History Coalition aligns with the Massachusetts Food System Collaborative's mission and vision -- through collaboration and coalition building we can develop policy solutions that will lead to a Massachusetts where access to healthy food is a reality for everyone."

Kristina Pechulis, Executive Director of MA Food System Collaborative

About Fresh has been committed to making food a permanent feature of MassHealth financing and care delivery. Our participation on the Steering Committee is a powerful opportunity to coordinate with allies and elevate research and insights to policymakers."

Josh Trautwein, Co-Founder/CEO of About Fresh

Our youngest children’s health and brain development are especially sensitive to even brief periods of hardship like hunger. Children’s HealthWatch is dedicated to ensuring that young children and their families have all the nutrition and other needs met that help put them on a healthy path for childhood and beyond. So we are honored to be part of the solution working with our partners to bring an end to hunger in the Commonwealth."

Dr. Stephanie Ettinger de Cuba, Executive Director of Children’s HealthWatch

At Community Servings, we witness every day how access to nutritious meals can transform lives, particularly for those managing complex health conditions. Our involvement in this coalition is about recognizing the vital intersection of food and health. As a leader in this space, Massachusetts is poised to set a national example. Together, we’re not just ending hunger; we’re healing communities and building a healthier future for all.”

David Waters, CEO of Community Servings

At Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, we've long understood that hunger is not just a symptom of poverty, but a barrier to its solution. Now is the moment to act decisively. We can't address poverty without addressing hunger. Together, let's make history and ensure that no one in Massachusetts goes to bed hungry."

Georgia Katsoulomitis, Executive Director of Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI)

As a mother who has experienced the challenges of food insecurity firsthand, I know the profound impact it has on families across Massachusetts. Ensuring universal access to school meals was a crucial step, but our work doesn’t end there. Serving on the steering committee of this effort, for me, is about ensuring that no parent or child in our state ever has to face the uncertainty of where their next meal will come from. Together, we’re forging a path towards a future where hunger is a thing of the past.”

Rebecca Wood, Parent Advocate

Imagine a future where everyone has access to good, healthy food – no more empty bellies, just full plates and happy faces. Here at La Colaborativa, we fight hunger every day. We know this dream is tough, and we have been fighting for a long time, but we know it’s possible. We're a powerful state, with strong communities and a fighting spirit. Together, we can create a plan that puts food on everyone's table for good. This is about changing millions of lives and building a future where hunger is a thing of the past. Let's do this, Massachusetts! Let's make food security a reality for all!"

Gladys Vega, Executive Director of La Colaborativa

I am proud to be from Massachusetts, a nationwide leader in the anti-hunger movement. Our commonwealth has some of the most innovative ideas in America to end hunger as we know it. This state plan, inspired by the 2022 White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, will provide a model to continue the incredible work of nonprofits, Tribal leaders, teachers, health professionals, faith leaders, academics, people with lived experiences, and others in making sure everyone has access to fresh, nutritious food. I’m thrilled to partner with organizations across Massachusetts, organized by Project Bread, to make that a reality.”


The Feed Kids Coalition proved through their successful campaign to fund universal school meals, that they have the heart, passion, and advocacy skills necessary to effectively fix any issue or crisis. We could not have gotten universal school meals permanently funded without this fantastic coalition and I am excited to see this group of advocates form the new Make Hunger History Coalition to address the urgent issue of eliminating hunger for everyone in our state. Despite our achievement of providing free breakfast and lunch in our state’s K-12 schools, there are still far too many people of all ages throughout Massachusetts who deal with food insecurity daily. I look forward to working alongside the Make Hunger History Coalition to pass legislation and secure the necessary funding to eradicate hunger across the Commonwealth.”

Senator DiDomenico, MA State Senator

I was honored to join a delegation from Massachusetts at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health which set a national goal of ending hunger and diet-related disease by 2030. Thanks to the leadership of Project Bread, a great team has assembled in Massachusetts to deliver on this goal for the Commonwealth. I look forward to joining colleagues in this urgent, statewide work."

Senator Comerford, MA State Senator

With 1 in 3 of Massachusetts’ residents’ experiencing hunger, we know we can’t solve hunger alone. We believe we have the power to end hunger if we do it together and are proud to join this statewide coalition to make hunger history in our Commonwealth."

Catherine D'Amato, President/CEO of The Greater Boston Food Bank

Our neighbors and communities thrive when no one goes hungry. As CEO of Worcester County Food Bank, I witness the increasing demand for our services, highlighting the urgency for bold action. We believe that healthy food is a fundamental human right. That’s why it’s a moral imperative for the food bank to be part of this historic initiative. As a Commonwealth, we must ensure everyone has access to nourishing food everyday with dignity and choice."

Jean McMurray, CEO of Worcester County Food Bank

Food security is one of the greatest challenges facing residents of the Commonwealth. This collaborative effort will help address the root causes of hunger in the state by bringing together the administration, legislature, public and private sectors, and input of valued stakeholders including individuals with lived experiences, farmers, fishers, and food system members. The plan will help guide future policies and programs at the state level that our department looks forward to supporting."

Ashley Randle, Commissioner of the MA Department of Agricultural Resources

Massachusetts has led the way on innovative approaches to fighting hunger, yet to truly end hunger we need a broad coalition united in purpose. As a co-chair of the Legislature’s Food System Caucus, I am honored to be working along-side so many advocacy partners, service providers and people with lived experience to develop a plan that will garner support across the political spectrum. Massachusetts can and must meet this moment of collective responsibility to ensure all have access to enough healthy food to thrive. We must also endeavor to strengthen the local food system so that our agricultural and fisher economies are integral to, and beneficiaries of, our effort to end hunger."

Representative Hannah Kane, MA State Representative